Pokémon 21 (No-Poli Monday)

CJ-Moki here. Today is No-Poli Monday! This means I will try to avoid posting about politics on my Monday blog posts. Instead, I will blog about Pokémon:

A mighty fine version of Pokémon Red's iconic NA cover art, as illustrated by Comunello76 of DeviantArt.

Today, Game Freak and Nintendo's legendary multimedia Pokémon franchise is turning old enough to drink. On February 27, 1996, Pokémon Red and Green Versions were released to Japanese markets, to instant commercial success and positive reviews from game critics. Red and Green would prove to be the starting point for a franchise that would endeavor into the fields of television, music, fashion, motion pictures (one of which was scathed by me here), and many more.

Appropriately, the Pokémon Go app was just announced to have passed the 650M downloads mark, showing the app's (somewhat diminished over the months) popularity. I hope the Pokémon franchise goes on for many more years, letting future generations try and Catch 'em all.

CJ-Moki, signing off.

Go home, Pikachu. You're drunk. You had too much for your 21st.


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