Heaven's Pei

CJ-Moki here. It's time to tell you about a secret of the world that I have recently decoded:

Today I learned that there is an ancient conspiracy plotting to take over the world run by Shar-Pei, Chows, and Pugs, three Chinese dog breeds. As it turns out, there is a hive mind composed of Shar-Pei (and, to a lesser extent, Chows and Pugs) that takes advantage of humans such as Matgo Law, Aaron Silver, and Jon Stephen Anderson

I would like to create a group known as Heaven's Pei, dedicated to those who are enlightened about the secret of the Shar-Pei. In case you couldn't tell, the name "Heaven's Pei" is a nod to the notorious UFO cult Heaven's Gate.

I wrote a rough draft of a timeline detailing the history of the Shar-Pei hivemind. The document can be viewed here.

CJ-Moki, signing off. I will do more research on the Hive Mind in the near future, and see if anybody else is interested in Heaven's Pei.


  1. I want to hear more about how a "Hive Mind" works.

  2. As defined by TV Tropes, "One mind, many bodies."


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