Smalls Rememberance

CJ-Moki here. A little reminder about something completely irrelevant:

Today marks the twentieth year in a row without Christopher Wallace, AKA The Notorious B.I.G. Chances are, if you are 30 or older, you probably remember the splash Biggie made on hip-hop, the effects of which would be felt for years.

When not being insulted by 2Pac from the other side of the nation ("That's why I f___ed your b____, you fat motherf___er!") (NSFW), or getting an album released less than a month after being shot, Biggie Smalls was the king of East Coast Hip-Hop.

On the early morning of 9 March 1997, an unknown man (sketch pictured right) shot and killed Biggie Smalls in his car.
Two decades later, the man responsible for Biggie's death is still unknown, though conspiracy theorists have their own ideas.

While he died in a different millennium many of the internet's mashup makers and remixers were born, the music of Christopher Wallace continues to be popular choices for remixes and mashups, particularly on websites such as SoundCloud.

CJ-Moki, signing off. I wonder where the man who killed Biggie is today (assuming he's still alive), and what he thinks about all of this.

Meanwhile, Biggie Jr. is in college, and is releasing an album of his own later this year.


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