Suggested Pages (Rant Time #1)

Hoo boy. I don't know whether or not this is a violation of No-Poli Monday, but here goes nothing:


Earlier today, I noticed something peculiar in my Facebook "Suggested Pages" box on the right side of the page. You know, the place where Facebook puts its place for things that it suggests to you simply because you mentioned it in a private message. It's real annoying, and I wish I could turn it off. As Gerry Monroe asking a question on Facebook Business' Help Community put it, "If you could see my posts, you'd know beyond a doubt which way I lean politically, so why does [Facebook] keep suggesting political pages representing politics that I strongly oppose[?]"

Well, he's not alone.

For some bizarre reason (most likely me mentioning him in a Facebook update for this blog), the Facebook page for Donald J. Trump appeared in the "Suggested Pages" box. In case you couldn't tell, I despise Donald Trump and most of his associates. But, for some reason, Facebook saw fit to "suggest" his page to me.


Evidently, the Facebook bot read me mention Trump in a some sort of post or private message, and decided that I would enjoy reading his cesspool of a Facebook page. It gets worse, though: For some reason, after I told Facebook not to suggest Trump's page, it suggested something arguably worse (and with no explicable reason for suggestion this time):

This horrid website known as "Age of Shitlords".

I'm not gonna link it here (I'm too disgusted to), but "Age of Shitlords" claims to be "a joint project between two Facebook pages Shit Tumblr says and Getting PTSD From Tumbr posts without Trigger Warnings dedicated to whining about how we aren't allowed to be bigots anymore exposing censorship and political correctness."

Taking a look at their website makes it clear that they're run by a(n honestly pathetic) group of Alt-Right menchildren who don't like how they have to think before they say whatever they want. I've never written on Facebook about people or groups like these, and I honestly wish I never learned about them.

Lastly, there's something that got recommended to me that has nothing to do with politics:
It's this "Media/News Company" that seems to be about the furry fandom. According to Wikipedia, "The furry fandom is a subculture interested in fictional anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics." (NSFW)

My best guess about why a furry group got suggested to me is as follows:

A certain mutual friend (who will not be named here, for the sake of his privacy) of mine through Steve Wiebie, one of my immediate friends, is a furry. Keep in mind that I have never interacted with the mutual friend in question.

CJ-Moki, signing off. Tomorrow's post probably won't be a rant.


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