En Marche!

CJ-Moki here. A little word about the South Korean presidential election happening tomorrow:

Yesterday, in France, Emmanuel Macron, the centre-left candidate, beat Marine Le Pen, the far-right candidate, in the 2017 French Presidential election. Many (including me) saw this as a good day for democracy, just like the Dutch parliamentary election back on 15 March.

However, at the opposite side of Eurasia, another presidential election is going down:

Tomorrow, South Korean voters will pick a candidate to replace Park Geun-hye, who was impeached after turning out to be a cult member.

Here are the five primary candidates, listed in order (from most to least) of popularity (according to Wikipedia):

  • Moon Jae-in, nominee of the Democratic Party, is a (supposedly) left-wing candidate, and is currently leading the polls. He is a Roman Catholic, and thinks that homosexuality should be illegal (archive here).
  • Ahn Cheol-soo, nominee of the People's Party, is a former software developer who was well-known in the 1990s. He is also a homophobe, having stated that same-sex marriage is a sin.
  • Hong Jun-pyo, nominee of the Liberty Korea party, is not liberal in the slightest. Hong has made the nonsensical statement that he can magically get rid of corruption by putting it through a washing machine (archive here). Hong has blown many a racist dog whistle on his campaign trail (primarily against Japanese and Chinese-descended Koreans). Hong manages to be even more homophobic than the other candidates, having claimed that being gay automatically gives you AIDS.
  • Sim Sang-jung, nominee of the progressive Justice Party, is known as the only woman among the five main candidates. Sim Sang-jung would increase efforts to help economic equality in South Korea. In contrast to her peers, Sim has the (depressingly rare in East Asia) trait of not being a vehement homophobe. Also in contrast to her peers (and on a decidedly less savory note), Sim is an antigovernment extremist who has been on South Korea's most wanted criminals list (archive here) for attempting to start a militia.
  • Yoo Seong-min, nominee of the centre-right Bareun Party, is a Buddhist who advocates for "warm conservatism", a mysterious ideology that he has done zip to explain. Yoo Seong-min carries his late father, Yoo Soo-ho's legacy of politics.
Out of all of them, I guess I'd pick Sim. To any South Koreans reading this:

Vote Sim! Vote to make South Korea a better and more advanced country.

CJ-Moki, signing off. I know that my hopes are gonna be dashed tomorrow, though. :(


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