Evergreen Race College

Hoo boy. It's going to be real interesting writing about the riots going on south of me at Evergreen State College:

For two years in the 80's, my mother attended the Evergreen State College. The Evergreen State College is best known as a liberal (in more than one way) arts college in Olympia, Washington. The College will turn 50 this year, and notable alumni include Matt Groening (the creator of the Simpsons) and Macklemore (a world-famous rapper).

For quite some time now, the student body of TESC has been very progressive and left-leaning. The good? Students are often aware and active in social issues, working to spread awareness about, as well as fight, inequities experienced by those in marginalized groups (black people, women, gays, transgendered people, etc.)

The bad?

Evergreen State College has served as a recruiting ground for to-be "social justice warriors".

The latest manifestation of the "bad" has played out in the form of violent protests centered around Bret Samuel Weinstein, a professor at TESC. Professor Weinstein had released a statement via e-mail questioning this:

This article, published in the Cooper Point Journal (the student newspaper of TESC), announces changes that the student body wished to happen to the Day of Absence, an annual tradition at TESC. The Day of Absence usually meant various minority students and college staff choosing to leave the campus for a day, while they discussed ways to make the campus a more tolerant, less racist place.

However, as described in the article, this year, the student body had this plan for the Day of Absence:
White students, staff and faculty will be pressured invited to leave the campus for the day’s activities.
Ostensibly a misguided but good-natured attempt to bring attention to minority voices on campus, singling out white people and asking them to leave campus for a day sounds less Martin Luther King Jr. and more Malik Zulu Shabazz.

After Professor Weinstein questioned the demand in an e-mail, this violent protest occurred on campus:

On the same day that the protest occurred, this 2000+ word long (counting the linked Google Document) rant was published in the Cooper Point Journal:

I actually read it, and, to sum it up, the rant essentially demands that TESC's administration bend to the every whim of the campus' social justice warriors. Lastly, Professor Weinstein appeared as a guest writer for the Wall Street Journal, describing his experience:

The Campus Mob Came for Me—and You, Professor, Could Be Next - WSJ
archived 31 May 2017 21:36:38 UTC

And, he also appeared to give this interview (I'm sorry for embedding The Rubin Report, but there's not much else):
CJ-Moki, signing off. I wonder what will happen to Professor Weinstein.


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