Lee Park Nightmare

CJ-Moki here. Here's my take on a horrifying event that happened at Lee Park (a public park in Charlottesville, Virginia) last night:

Lee Park is a public park currently home to a controversial statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee (who I presume to be the namesake of the park). According to the City of Charlottesville's official website (archive here), the statue was cast in 1924, after a troubled history (and, as demonstrated last night, a troubled future).

In April, the Charlottesville City Council voted to sell the statue, which is estimated to go away in October. This angered the various Neo-Confederate (and other assorted racist) folks in the Charlottesville metropolitan area, so there was bound to be some drama.

However, I wouldn't have ever thought it would get to what happened last night.

According to the Daily Progress (archive here), on 13 May, over a hundred people gathered in Lee Park, loudly proclaiming absurdities such as "You will not replace us!" and "Russia is our friend!":

In addition, the protest appears to have been led by Richard Bertrand Spencer, a notorious "Alt-Right" figurehead who has been classified as a hate extremist by the Southern Poverty Law Center:

When the person leading a protest has had articles fantasizing (NSFL) about black genocide published on his website, I'd take that as a pretty big warning sign about the goals of the protestors. Meanwhile, Orry von Dize (a protester at the gathering), expressing a Stormfront-esque sentiment to a NBC29 reporter, claimed that "We're not white supremacists, we are simply just white people that love our heritage, European identity...":
I find it extremely ironic that the sorts of people in America who are fanatically devoted to "European identity" haven't taken the time to actually move to Europe.

CJ-Moki, signing off. I find sentiments like those displayed by the protesters at last night's rally to be extremely disturbing.


  1. They are sad because they are so full of fear. Richard Spencer probably doesn't even believe half the garbage he spouts but it works to get him enough followers that he doesn't feel so small and weak.


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