Rest in Peace (Week of 14 - 20 May 2017)

While the week isn't over yet (as of the time I'm writing this, it's Thursday), it's already been an interesting week for celebrity deaths. In this post (which I will update), I will list some of the famous (and infamous) people who died throughout the week of 14 to 20 May 2017:

Keith Mitchell: ? - 14 May 2017

Keith Mitchell was the drummer for Mazzy Star, an alt-rock band from Santa Monica. Mazzy Star was most well-known for their song "Fade into You", which rose to spot #3 on the US Billboard Modern Rock Tracks.

Brad Alan Grey: 29 December 1959 - 14 May 2017

Brad Alan Grey was a film and TV producer who was known as the chairman and CEO of Paramount Pictures, one of the most well-known film producers in the world. Grey had won at least 9 different awards prior to his death.

Neil Rolde: 25 July 1931 - 15 May 2017

Neil Rolde was a member of the Maine House of Representatives from 1974 to 1990, and was a Democratic nominee for a spot on the United States House of Representatives. Throughout his life, Neil Rolde wrote several different books on various subjects.

Karl-Otto Apel: 15 March 1922 - 15 May 2017

Karl-Otto Apel was a German professor and philosopher, as well as a German soldier in World War II. Apel's philosophy was known as "transcendal pragmatics" a set of thought that he spent several decades developing (I was not able to understand transcendal pragmatics, from what I read of it).

Ian Brady: 2 January 1938 - 15 May 2017

Previously known locally (in Manchester, England) as a Neo-Nazi loon and conspiracy theorist, Ian Brady became notorious in 1965 after he was discovered to have raped and murdered 5 different children between the ages of 10 and 17. In particular, he was known for an audio tape he recorded of one of his murders (he didn't have Betamax in the 60's), that would end up being used against him in court.

Chris Cornell: 20 July 1964 - 17 May 2017

Chris Cornell was the lead singer, songwriter, and rhythm guitarist of Soundgarden, a pioneering Grunge band from Seattle, Washington. Cornell had a nearly four-octave vocal range, and received at least 18 different awards during his lifetime.

Roger Eugene Ailes: 15 May 1940 - 18 May 2017

Roger Eugene Ailes was the President of Fox News (a popular right-wing news station), as well as the Chair of Fox Television Stations. Roger Eugene Ailes was a media consultant for former Presidents of the United States Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and George W. Bush. Ailes was also a campaign advisor to current US President Donald Trump. Lastly, Ailes was involved in a scandal where several Fox News anchors accused him of sexual harassment.


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