Evergreen Race S___show

Yesterday, I reported that there were riots going on at TESC, due to one professor questioning unrealistic demands made by the student body.

Today, TESC has been shut down for the weekend.

The Associated Press has published an article about the shutdown, providing an analysis of what led up to the closure (including a phone call made by an as-of-now anonymous person):

In addition, the Seattle Times released a copy of a 911 call about the college via Soundcloud, featuring a person announcing their plan to kill so-called "communist scumbags" (NSFW):

So now, it's a shitshow on both sides. As a result of (essentially pointless) riots over outlandish demands made by Cooper Point Journal writers, as well as an extremist threatening to murder people with a weapon, TESC has devolved into a state of chaos.

Way to go. Because the best way to argue is to riot and threaten death, right?


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