Updates on Recent Events

Today, the Evergreen State College (TESC) sent out an email about the recent campus protests going on (personally-identifiable info removed):
the evergreen state college
June 5, 2017
Updates on Recent Events at Evergreen
You may have questions about recent events on campus in Olympia. These discussions, disruptions, and events around issues of equity and free speech have generated many inquiries.
Unfortunately, these events have been misconstrued in many reports – even in some well-regarded publications. You may have already been in contact with us to learn more. If so, thank you. We welcome the opportunity to talk with you.

Some additional information and resources about recent events

Statements from our President George S. Bridges

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Evergreen’s commitment to open, inclusive, and respectful dialogue is unwavering. Equally, our commitment to creating an environment in which divergent views may be expressed freely – the hallmark of an Evergreen seminar – is unshaken. The college’s commitment to meeting the needs of our students of color and other marginalized groups will continue to be realized as we fulfill the commitments made to our students, facilitate the work of the college’s equity council established in 2016, and appoint a vice president and vice provost for equity and inclusion later this month.
Like any community comprised of passionate people, it is unreasonable to think that we will live up to our ideals every day, in every situation. We strive to fulfill our mission and uphold our closely-held values. This is the Evergreen that our students, faculty, and staff experience the vast majority of the time.
In this moment, when our country is polarized, we maintain faith in the capacity of all members of the Evergreen community to engender respect while catalyzing social change, and in doing so follow in the footsteps of the accomplished alumni who have been forging a path for a better world for almost five decades. We’re incredibly proud of our approach to teaching and learning. It fosters empowerment to speak one’s views, inquire deeply into intractable problems, and strive to foster positive change.
Please, don’t hesitate to be in touch if you have questions, concerns, or reflections. 
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I read some of the links in the e-mail, and some of them deny the existence of the requests for white students to leave the campus during the Day of Absence.
CJ-Moki, signing off. One hopes that the Bret Samuel Weinstein shitshow will end soon (though it might not, given that the college is spreading disinformation via e-mail).


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