Glovannas Is Missing!

Note: The title of this post if based off of the name of the classic Super Mario game Mario Is Missing!

The day is 14 July 2017. I, for the first time, set up my computer in my new house, plugging in all the cords and extension outlets.

Upon getting connected to the internet, I went to (the now-former profile page for James Glovannas, a popular DeviantArtist). To my horror, I discovered that he had left this note:
I left DeviantArt because I'm never on here and I hate it here.
Please don't ask me for my Instagram unless you already follow me.
Boom. Just like that, three years' worth of user history was gone. Glovannas had deleted everything they've ever submitted to DeviantArt, as well as every journal post he's made (strangely, his favorites gallery still exists).

Glovannas had nearly 555K pageviews before he vanished, and was popular among other DeviantArtists:
I've decided I'm going to tell you what I know about Glovannas' time on DeviantArt:

The day is 2 July 2014. a new DeviantArtist signs up, using the name fangirljane. Jane became known for her (pastel) art style, as well as her fascination with the 1980s.

Pictured: Arthur M. Bryant, the Irish leader of the Grenouist cult.
In around 2016, Jane's life took a turn. She had become uncomfortable with her gender, so she (now he) began the process of transitioning from female to male. (and his name from Jane to James). He also changed her username from fangirljane to Glovannas

James' hyper-Catholic parents did not take well to this.

James Glovannas' parents apparently harassed him over being transgender. In response to this, James turned from Catholicism to "Grenouism" (a strange secular political cybercult led by an Irish man named Arthur M. Bryant).

In March 2017, Glovannas' cat Gary died. This was likely difficult emotionally for James.

Finally, on 14 July 2017, Glovannas chose to delete everything he uploaded to his DeviantArt account, and tell people to go to his Instagram (which he never linked to) or his Twitter (which he once said he would "get soon") if they wanted to contact him. This marked the end to the story of a well-known DeviantArtist.

CJ-Moki, signing off. I don't know what else to say about this.


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