Rant Time: Why John McCain Should Take Down O. J. Simpson

Today, there have been two notable pieces of news:

First off, former football player, murderer, and robber O. J. Simpson has had his latest parole accepted. He will be released from prison in October this year.

Second off, Vietnam war Captain, longtime U.S. Senator, and Republican Presidential candidate John McCain has been diagnosed as having a brain tumor.

I believe that prior to his passing, Senator McCain's final service to the United States should be taking down O. J. Simpson.

Here is why:

Senator McCain was a Captain in the Vietnam War, and was a PoW for half a decade. McCain had the following badges:
Evidently, McCain is a tough guy. And a tough guy like McCain would be great for taking down a bad guy like Simpson.

If John McCain happens to be reading this, I have one final request for you:

Should you make it to October, get to Nevada and go take down O. J. Simpson. Do it for America. Do it for the world.

CJ-Moki, signing off. This was a short rant of mine.


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