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And Nothing of Value Was Lost

For over 2 decades, Stormfront was a notorious neo-Nazi internet forum and hate site. Stormfront had been the subject of a "", a 2000 documentary that aired on HBO.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, by 2014, posters on Stormfront had killed nearly 100 different people. Among those who had murdered the people were Anders Behring Breivik (a Norwegian terrorist who had posted under the handle "year2183") and Dylann Storm Roof (an American gunman who attacked a historic African-American church and posted under the handle "AryanBlood1488").

However, Stormfront's web host, Network Solutions, has just seized control of the hate site from its admin, Don Black, citing several violations of their Master Services Agreement. This decision comes days after The Daily Stormer (a similar neo-Nazi website) was kicked off of three different hosting services (GoDaddy, Google, and Namecheap) and forced to the (even further-away) margins of the interwe…

Yes, The Confederate Flag Is Racist

While sifting through various, less-than-enlightened corners of the internet, I've heard people claim that what the Battle Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia symbolizes is not reprehensible ("Heritage, not Hate", as those folks might say").

First off, let's look at the definition of "Heritage" (courtesy of
Something that is handed down from the past, as a tradition.Second off, let's look at the definition of  "Hate" (also courtesy of

Intense dislike; extreme aversion or hostility.

The meaning of the flag of the Confederate States of America was described by William Thompson (quote in the caption under the flag). In short, the Confederate Flag symbolized hate, and belongs in a museum (instead of on public monuments and such).