The Moss Monster

A German swamp. Source: Wikimedia Commons
It has been said that the Legislative Branch of the United States government is a "swamp". Both sides of said Branch, the Senate and the House of Representatives, are controlled by increasingly deranged wingnuts. In the aftermath of mass shootings, said wingnuts do little other than offer their "thoughts and prayers" to the bereaved.

In particular, there is the "gun lobby", a far-right section of the Legislature that insists that the Second Amendment must be defended at all costs. Even the lives of dozens of kindergarteners.

This is where I shall express my opinion on gun control, in one sentence:

The Second Amendment was a fucking mistake.

Believed by most Republicans (and some Democrats) to be a "civil liberty", the Second Amendment paved the way for the Eric Harrises and Stephen Paddocks of America to murder whoever they choose using automatic weapons. Imagine trying to write laws governing weapons 226 years from now today.

The gun lobby has successfully prevented any serious gun control legislation from being passed in the aftermath of American mass shootings.
Clearly, there is no danger in letting mentally ill people obtain

If Congress is a swamp, than the gun lobby is the moss monster. A seemingly undefeatable presence, the monster swiftly prevents any attempt to stop or weaken it.

Then again, little over two centuries ago, there was a different monster present: The slavery lobby. For centuries, it also seemed as though this lobby was a permanent presence. Until it wasn't.

One last thing: If you're an adult American citizen, vote for candidates who support gun control in your local special election today. It's for the greater good.


  1. The analogy with slavery is a little scary. It took a civil war and 620,000 deaths to end it. That was out of a population of 31.5 million including about 3.5 million slaves.


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