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Some of the candidates who have been in the race.
On February 3rd, the Iowa caucus will commence. Since Donald Trump was elected in 2016, Democrats have been arguing as to who would be his best challenger in the 2020 presidential election. The Iowa caucus, being the first state caucus, will have a large part in determining who is picked as the nominee.

At present, these are the candidates most likely to win in the Iowa caucus:
  • Former Vice President Joe Biden: This is Joe Biden's third attempt at running for President, having previously run in 1988 and 2008. In this election cycle, Biden is largely running on the promise that him being President would be a "return to normalcy." Of course, a return to the status quo ante would entail returning to the state of affairs that allowed Trump to become President. Returning to these conditions could enable a Republican like Trump to become President in 2024. Then again, it's likely that Trump won in 2016's election in large part due to a thirty-year smear campaign against his opponent Hillary Clinton.
  • Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders: This is Bernie Sanders' second attempt at running for President, having previously run in 2016. Sanders seeks to establish Medicare for All (abbreviated M4A) nationwide, establishing a healthcare system similar to those used by several other developed countries. Of the leading candidates, Sanders is furthest to the left on the political spectrum. While Sanders certainly inspires his supporters, his politics could spark a backlash from the segment of the population who recoil when they hear the words "socialism" or "socialist" - two terms that will almost certainly be used against him in the general election. Notably, Sanders and Biden (the current frontrunner) have very different views about foreign policy and military spending, outlined in this New York Times article.
  • Senator from Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren: This is Elizabeth Warren's first attempt at running for President. Like Sanders' platform, Warren promises to institute M4A if she becomes President. Warren isn't quite as left-wing as Sanders is, and they have different approaches on how to institute the changes they desire. This article from Vox is helpful in explaining their similarities and differences.
  • Former Mayor of South Bend, Indiana Pete Buttigieg: This is Pete Buttigieg's first attempt at running for President. Buttigieg is far and away the youngest of the leading candidates, at age 38. Buttigieg is a mostly moderate candidate similar to Joe Biden. Also similarly to Biden, Buttigieg seeks to "unite the nation" in a sort of Kumbaya that I don't think is realistic or feasible in the foreseeable future. What aren't so Kumbaya are the tensions between Biden and Buttigieg, which, as the Daily Beast notes, "just got hot."
At present, Joe Biden is leading in most Democratic state polls. This is most likely due to Biden's name recognition, as a large number of people who are politically unengaged associate his name with the relatively peaceful and stable Obama years.
    I, myself, am not quite sure who to support. While I agree with Sanders the most on policy, I think Biden has the best shot at winning against Trump.


    1. I think Americans are moving toward a more moderately left position, but those of us in that frame of mind need to take into account the great number of people who are risk and/or change averse. Social Security and Medicare were fought viciously against, as is M4A, but it'll become the norm eventually. Change in this country does not happen overnight, and those who think it will are deluding themselves.
      I'll support anyone who runs on the Democratic ticket, but if Joe Biden chooses well beforehand who he wants for VP he can win the nomination, I think. Bernie frightens many people as does Elizabeth because they both want to bring about great changes, but many people are afraid of radical change. I'd like to know why the NYT opted for Amy Klobishar who's known for her extremely poor behavior with underlings. That in itself is or should be a big red flag.


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